Mexican Beef Stew

Deeply flavorful, slightly smoky, with just the right amount of heat, this Mexican beef stew is slow simmered goodness topped with a cooling dollop of lime crema.


- Poblano peppers - Canola or vegetable oil - Beef chuck - Kosher salt and freshly ground black pepper - Onion - Garlic powder - Cumin - Dried oregano swipe up to check all the ingredients!

1. Char the poblano peppers over an open flame.

2. Place the charred peppers in a bowl and cover tightly with plastic wrap. Reserve.

3. Brown the beef on all sides in hot oil. Brown in batches if necessary so as not to crowd the pan.

4. Remove the browned beef to a plate and add the onions to the pan. Saute until soft and golden.

5. Stir in the seasonings, beef paste and tomato paste.

6. Peel and chop the peppers. Add the salsa, stock, beer, peppers and beef back to the pot.

7. Simmer low and slow until the beef is fork tender, 2-3 hours. Uncover, stir in herbs and continue to cook until slightly thickened.

8. Mix the ingredients for the lime crema. Serve with the stew.


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