Italian Potato Salad

If you’re an antipasto lover, you’re going to want to dive head first into this Italian potato salad.

This salad is packed with olives, cheese, salami, sun-dried tomatoes, artichokes and tossed with homemade pesto dressing made with handfuls of fresh basil.


– Potatoes  – Sun-dried Tomatoes – Oil-cured Olives – Hard Salami or Pepperoni – Marinated Artichoke  – Fresh Mozzarella – Fresh Basil – Parmesan, grated

This Italian potato salad is quick, simple and extremely versatile. Tweak the ingredients to suit your family’s tastes and preferences.

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Let’s Make Italian Potato Salad

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Prep the ingredients for the potato salad. Cook the potatoes. Make the pesto dressing. Toss everything together and serve.

Tips for Success:

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Mix and match your favorite Italian antipasto ingredients for this recipe. Don’t like olives? Leave them out. Swap halved cherry tomatoes for sun-dried.

I recommend serving this salad at room temperature (not chilled) for the best flavor.

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