How do you make money from your blog?

My posts and SHOP page contain affiliate links. If you purchase something from one of these links, it won’t cost you anything, but I will receive a small commission. Your support ensures that I can continue to bring you fresh recipes and content and pay for all those groceries for recipe testing. Please note that every product I recommend are ones that I use in my day-to-day life and fully stand behind.


Are you a trained chef?

I graduated from the Institute of Culinary Education in NYC with a degree in Culinary Arts and worked in NYC restaurant kitchens, mainly in pastry. After moving to the NJ suburbs with my husband (Steve) to raise my two boys (Jack and Max), I opened Swirled Bakery, an online bakery that sold cookies, cupcakes and cake pops locally. After a few years of too much coffee and too little sleep, I decided to switch gears and create a food blog that showcases my love for all types of dishes and cuisines, both savory and sweet.


Do you eat all the food?

Yes! Well, not just me. Whether it is breakfast, lunch, dinner or dessert, someone close to me consumes it. All of my recipes reflect the food that my family and friends regularly enjoy at our house (and let’s just say they’re pretty well fed).


Who photographs your food and shoots your videos?

I do! I’m self-taught and still learning everyday. I use a Canon EOS 70D DSLR, usually with a 100mm macro lens for photos and my iPhone and DSLR for video. I often think that photographing my recipes is more challenging than creating them!


Can I republish your images and recipes on my site?

Crafting recipes and photographing food is my full time job and I take it very seriously. You may not republish my recipes without first getting my express permission. You may share one photo if you clearly link it back to my website www.whatshouldimakefor.com. Please be sure the watermark is clearly displayed on the image.


Do you accept guest posts on your blog?

I do not accept any posts written by third parties on my blog. It’s important to me that my readers know that all opinions expressed on this site are my own.


Can you provide nutritional content for your recipes?

In a word, no. I will try to highlight when a recipe is vegetarian, gluten free or low in fat or calories, but calorie counting is not for me. Remember – everything in moderation!


Do you have a cookbook?

Not yet…but a girl can dream.