Do you want to feel inspired instead of frazzled in the kitchen? Do you want to cook creative, tasty meals that your whole family will eat, but don’t take all day to prepare? Do you want to throw dinner parties that wow without leaving you feeling stressed out and overworked?

I believe in recipes that inspire you to cook, not complicate your life.

Cathy Roma

Let’s be real, you’re not cooking the same meal for your family on a busy Monday night that you would fuss over for company on Saturday. Some nights call for lobster; others for grilled cheese. It’s about balance, flexibility and understanding your options.

“For someone who is very hard to inspire in the kitchen as all my creativity is used up at work, by the time I get ready to cook I’m tired and perplexed. Thanks for making tonight easy. I’m going to make you my first stop each day so I can finally get my family to eat my food!!! “– Tara

What if, after a busy day of chauffeuring your kids from activity to activity, you can have dinner on the table in under an hour and everyone in your family will eat it?

Think you can’t pull off a stunning dessert? Imagine learning an easy-to-execute decorating technique that will make your cake look like it was plucked from the pages of your favorite foodie magazine!

Holiday hosting got you stressed? What if you had an organized plan in place that would allow you to conquer a little each day so you could spend valuable time visiting with your guests instead of pulling your hair out in the kitchen?

As a member of this community, you will learn what to cook when to achieve a happier and more balanced life.

So, why ask ME what you should make?

I’ve always been a bit of a people pleaser and showing love through food was often easier than expressing my emotions with words. I cooked from a young age and found solace in the kitchen, even after coming home from a busy day at work. Eventually the tug of the apron strings pulled me away from corporate America and into culinary school and restaurant kitchens. The education and experience was invaluable, but that was before marriage and kids and all of twists and turns that go along with them.

I still want to cook those restaurant quality meals, but ones that fit into our busy schedule and that my kids will actually eat. I understand the need to have an arsenal of quick, weeknight go-to’s, as well as creative show-stoppers for entertaining guests. It’s not about pretending to have it all figured out, it’s about figuring out what to make when to reduce the stress from your life and put joy back in the kitchen.

Cathy Roma

The recipes you will find here range from easy to advanced, savory to sweet, healthy to decadent. Together, we’ll work to achieve that balance we’re all craving in our busy lives, while still looking like a rock star in the kitchen.

Are you a visual learner? These quick videos are proof that crafting gorgeous desserts, simple meals and seasonal cocktails are easier than you think!

“Another successful dinner creation thanks to What Should I Make For…! This time individual chicken pot pies and I even made the crust from scratch! Do yourself (and your family) a favor and follow this awesome blog.” – Jennifer

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