10 Surprisingly Simple Naked Cakes

August 16, 2016 By Cathy — 18 Comments
10 examples of how the rustic icing style of a naked cake is perfect for summer entertaining.

Vanilla Naked Cake

If you’ve stopped by this blog over the summer you know I’ve had a mild obsession with naked cakes. I love their rustic charm and how quickly they come together. A naked cake is just the thing for those of you that cringe when you hear the words “piping bag” or “star tip”.  If you have a spatula and ten minutes, you can do this!

I’ve rounded up 10 naked cakes for Better Homes and Gardens that are ideal for summer parties. There’s a mix of berries, chocolate, stone fruit and even edible flowers. Head over to BHG.com and take a look for yourself. Sweet, simple and stunning!

S'mores Cake

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18 responses to “10 Surprisingly Simple Naked Cakes”

  1. I am madly crushing on naked cakes, as well. I made my first one about a month ago for my daughter’s birthday and now I’m anxiously awaiting another occasion, so I can make another one 🙂 Great round-up of beautiful cakes!

  2. What a lovely round up of naked cakes. I need to get on it and make my family a gluten-free one. Hmm, maybe for a back to school treat!

  3. Cathy, what a beautiful round up of cakes. That top one, on this page, is a stunner! xoxo

  4. Cindy says:

    Your eye for naked cakes is nothing short of perfection!

  5. That’s it Cathy! I need to take a class on naked cakes! Your round-up is just beautiful! You know I’m in love with your sugared blueberry one!

  6. Naked cakes are great! And they are at about the level of my decorating skills. 🙂 Fancy frosting swirls are beyond me, but I can pile icing in between layers and add some fruit on top to make it pretty. Off to check out the roundup…

  7. I’ve heard about these recently and I just LOVE the idea, especially since I’m not super awesome at frosting 😀 Plus, who wants a lot of frosting anyway, right ? I love all the other details, especially berries. That first one looks so good!! Then again, how can you go wrong with any of them 🙂 ?

    • Cathy says:

      they really do make the whole cake-decorating thing so much simpler Dawn. And when the weather is hot, I definitely don’t need the extra icing.

  8. Naked cakes are totally fabulous! I mean, not only are they gorgeous, but (to me) they are a bit more feasible… because who has time to perfectly frost a cake?! I’m too busy hurrying to eat the dang thing! 😉 Can’t wait to go check out your round up! On my way there now!! Thanks for sharing, Cathy! You always have the best recipe round up ideas and content!! Cheers, friend!

  9. Just beautiful – I am terrible at piping or anything frilly, these cakes are just my thing!

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